Some animals can become sick by many of the types of pollution that come with manufacturing and other things. Most of the time we throw out our paper and/or plastic bags, Right? well, those bags go to a landfill and sit there years on end, or if they don't go there, they are littered on beaches, in waters, in streets, forests, wetlands, and many other places where a wide variety of animals live. some animals find the plastic bags in their home, so they eat it, and they can choke or die. This happens very often, with other types of things, like when some kind of sea animals gets stuck on the rings holding the soda cans toghether, or when dolphins get caught in a abandoned fishing net. Some things that are toxic would be like Paint, Gasoline, Petroleum, in-organic fertilizers, Nail polish removers, stain removers, and batteries.

Things in the air can also hurt the animals. For example, DDT would be in the air when someone would use it. it would be in the ground, in the air and passing over to towns, which would not only hurt the environment and the animals, but you too. The birds die from the chemicals in the air, and things like worms, and maybe even salamanders, would also die from chemical poisoning. We have a very big impact on animal species, and sometimes its not always a good thing

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