Bed room

 What can you do to help the environment from your bedroom? More than you would know. You can turn off the TV before you leave (to all those people out there who leave the TV on all day when they aren't there)

You could replace the light bulbs in the lamps with energy efficient ones, and you could unplug your cell phone charger if you don't need it. 


When baking small diners, use the toaster oven rather than the electric stove stove

When washing vegetables, turn off the sink off between uses

use a salad spinner instead of letting the water run. (also provides a better taste!)

Keep your refrigerator closed as much as you can to preserve the energy inside!

Instead of throwing out banana peels and such of that matter, create a compost pile in your back yard, or give it to the dog (if you have one)

Try fitting as much into the dishwasher, so you don't have to keep using it and wasting energy! (using the dishwasher is more more efficient than washing by hand, wouldn't you know?)

 Living room

Convert to LCD flat screens if you can, they are the most energy efficient TVs out there!

keep a blanket in the living room, so if you get cold you can put it over yourself instead of turning up the heat, which uses fossil fuels and is bad for the environment

 Your Garage

There are millions of things that you can do with your garage.

You can find all the pesticides and fertilizers and replace them with Eco-friendly ones.

You can ride your bike instead of taking the car, saves money, gas, and the environment!

Kind of dangerous, but when your car doesn't work any more, you can take out the Anti-freeze, put it in a sealed container, find a Service Station or hazardous waste treatment plant for storage.

you could also recycle your tires, Today's tires are chemically complex but highly recyclable. Besides retreads, which reuse 38 million tire casings annually, scrap tires are recycled into a variety of products--from tug boat fenders to rubber paving. Still, only about 27% of waste tires are reused or recycled.

If you would like to know more, click on the link below

 Your house

There are so many things that you can do to make a difference! It may be small, but if you look around you, there a tons of oppurtunities.

Just unplugging a electronic gadget thats not in use, or flicking the light switch before you leave the room will make a difference. 

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