We have totally and absolutely taken for granted our earth and our animals, by destroying it with everyday needs. But what comes out of our helpful and everyday needs, is trash, trash, trash. We have tried to get rid of it by burning it, but the carbon dioxide fumes penetrate our ozone layer. So instead, we dump it in any place that we see is untouched by humans, or a large space that we think will last forever, but it doesn't. We just don't know what to do with our trash, so we just put it in the ocean, or the woods, or the wetlands, or many other types of terrain.

This video is about the area in the pacific ocean that is just water with trash floating around it. Some one would just scoop up a jar of water over there, and its filled with items like, plastic bags, plastic bottles, chunks of broken plastic, plastic toys, and many other things that you'll see in the video.

 Ghost Nets

Ghost nets are a growing problem in the oceans of today. They are nets that have fallen off of old fishing boats, and they can become tangled together and make a big floating mass of fishing nets. These fishing nets not only tangle aquatic life, and kill them, they float around and destroy coral reefs. they can scrape hundreds of years worth of coral. There is more than 14 tons of ghost nets around the hawii islands. a team of people have been able to remove alot, but they still have a lot of work.

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