Oil spills cause lots of damage all the time, like the EXXON VALDEZ  oil spill, that was horrible.

 I was watching "saved by the bell" this morning and i saw an episode called "pipe dreams" it was where when putting new goal posts for the football field, they struck oil. They needed someone to drill it out so they could use the money to put a new field, a new pool, new basketball court, better education system, computers, and the best technology. Mean while, the kids are all doing a science project where the they are getting animals from the property pond and taking care of them, then releasing them back after studying them. The same day that they release the animals back to the pond they live in on the school property. 20 animals total died, because they were drenched in oil. the next day the oil drilling company gave their presentation of what the school would be when they were done. They found out that the oil company planned to put their new football field OVER THE POND! Then the main character Zach, mentioned the oil spill and the oil drilling company was saying "oh, it was an accident" and so zach sprayed a can of oil all over the the model, and accidentally on the drilling guy. and he used the drilling guys line against him.

 Click here to go to "oiled regions of alaska foundations" it is a pretty interesting website

 This poor duck (above) was victim of the Exxon Valdez oil Spill in Alaska's Prince William Sound, 1989. So many animals were drenched in crude oil and most of them died. They still have found oil-covered rocks and dying animals covered in oil.

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